Metrology Laboratories

Metrology Laboratories

Metrology Labs - For over 20 years, REO has been producing optics with superior spectral response and the highest quality. The performance of our optics can only be guaranteed by state of the art metrology equipment and capabilities. With our wide array of in-house metrology equipment we can determine optical loss at the parts per million level, perform spectral characterization from the ultraviolet through the infrared, make a variety of surface and dimensional measurements, evaluate surface microstructure and even measure laser damage resistance. Our experienced staff of engineers can develop custom metrology and test equipment to certify the final product to demanding acceptance criteria.

Our in-house metrology services include automated defect detection, pulse by pulse laser metrology growth testing, metricon for refractive index determination, phase measuring interferometry, optical profilometry, stylus profilometry, advanced microscopy, OGP Smartscope, spectrophotometry, FTIR spectrophotometry, cavity ringdown loss measurement, laser photometry at 30 different wavelengths, direct absorption metrology, and very broad interferometry testing.

Our metrology equipment is strategically located in production areas to ensure precision and efficiency throughout the manufacturing process. We have spectrophotometers located throughout our ISO certified Class 5 and Class 7 cleanrooms for spectral performance verification during the coating process. All interferometers are kept on vibration isolation systems to ensure accurate measurement in both fabrication and coating work flows. Advanced interferometric techniques allow us to deliver components with sub-angstrom microroughness, as well as tight tolerances for surface figure, angles and product dimensions. A high power and a low power laser metrology lab allow our skilled engineers to test and develop durable coatings for the most demanding applications.            

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