Metrology Engineering

Metrology Engineering

 REO metrology engineering ensures your engineering and product development efforts proceed with confidence for all phases of your project.  Our team is highly proficient in all aspects of optical component and assembly measurement to definitively certify that your requirements are met.  From simple mechanical dimensions to spectral conformance to laser damage threshold we ensure that our products are manufactured to specification.  Here is a partial list of in-house testing we regularly perform:

• Surface Metrology: Phase and white light interferometry, stylus profilometry, phase contrast microscopy (DIC)
• Absorption Measurements: Photothermal common-path interferometry, calorimetry
• Optical Loss Measurements: Cavity ringdown at multiple laser wavelengths, custom measurement capabilities
• Spectral Measurements: UV to LWIR spectrophotometry, laser-based photometry 
• Laser Damage Threshold Testing
• Group Delay Dispersion
• Thin Film thickness and index
• Multi-sensor Coordinate Measuring Capabilities

We can also provide assistance with build to print, design/build to specification, or perform custom design work.  Combined with our optical assembly expertise, which is ISO 9001 certified, our engineering team will assist you in any development phase from prototype build to production.

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