Ion Beam Sputtered Coatings (IBS)

Ion Beam Sputtered Coatings (IBS)

REO pioneered the commercial use of Ion Beam Sputtering (IBS) Coatings in the late 1980’s. With 22 IBS systems in operation today, REO is home to the world’s largest concentration of IBS optical coating technology. Our IBS technology produces thin films with exceptionally low scatter and absorption along with high mechanical and environmental durability. Utilizing primarily metal oxide materials, REO uses IBS to produce films which function from the UV through the Mid IR (up to 6um).

Particularly well suited for laser applications, our IBS films feature extremely low defect levels and high laser damage resistance. Our highly reflective coatings for pulsed laser applications at 1064nm may have virtually no defects over a central aperture of several square millimeters and laser damage resistance of up to 60 J/cm2 for 20 ns pulse duration, or may be designed to withstand up to 10MW/cm2 for CW applications.

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