High Laser Damage Threshold Optics

High Laser Damage Threshold Optics

REO consistently delivers optics with exceptional laser damage resistance characteristics because we fabricate, coat and laser damage test our products under highly controlled processes in our state of the art facility in Boulder, CO. This vertical integration is critical because reliably achieving high damage threshold requires careful control over every aspect of the design and manufacturing process. This includes precise specification and thorough inspection of incoming raw materials, followed by shaping and polishing of components in a way that minimizes subsurface damage and contamination. We then design and deposit thin film coatings using techniques that avoid contamination and minimize electric field effects. 

Performing actual measurements of both absorption and laser damage events are critical to understanding laser induced damage mechanisms. REO is unique because of our well-equipped in-house laser damage testing lab and thin film absoprtion measurement abilities. Both metrology areas have with several different laser wavelengths available. These metrology resources enable us to develop an in depth understanding of the relationship between various deposition, cleaning and post coating annealing technologies and laser damage mechanisms.  We are able to test products with higher regularity and frequency than other manufacturers, ensuring continuous evaluation and feedback for our fabrication and coating processes. The results of this is our ability to produce a wide range of coatings with superior and consistent laser damage resistance properties for wavelengths from 266 nm to 10.6 µm, for lasers operating from CW through the ultrafast regime.

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