HeNe Stabilized

HeNe Stabilized

For applications in interferometry, metrology, instrumentation, and research, REO’s stabilized Helium-Neon Laser provides the benefits of superior frequency and intensity stability together with the superior ruggedness and long lifetime for which REO’s HeNe lasers are recognized the world over. Using REO’s ultra-low loss optics and a unique cavity design, these lasers are guaranteed to deliver greater than 1.5 mW of single-mode polarized light, with a long-term frequency variation less than 3MHz or long-term intensity variation less than 0.2%.

REO has the proven high volume capacity for manufacturing laser products using processes that are engineered and controlled to be high quality, high yield, and cost effective. In our state of the art manufacturing facility, REO’s capabilities are combined in a vertically integrated organization dedicated to serving the needs of the electro-optics industry with responsiveness, flexibility, and integrity.


• User Selectable Stability Mode
• High Output Power
• Long Coherence Length
• Superior Lifetime Performance
• OEM Configurations Available


• Interferometry
• Metrology
• Holography
• Instrumentation
• Research

Stabilized HeNe Datasheet

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