Cleaning and Contamination Control

Cleaning and Contamination Control

Whether for Deep UV or high energy laser applications, REO maintains the strictest standards for cleanliness of the optical and mechanical components in our assemblies. Separate multiple-bath ultrasonic cleaning systems are used for optical and mechanical components, with vacuum baking processes to ensure components are fully outgassed prior to assembly. Parts inventory, cleaning, and kitting, as well as inspection and packaging, are all maintained within a cleanroom environment.

Critical assemblies are produced in REO’s ISO Class 5 cleanroom, which is monitored regularly to measure particulate levels and environmental fluctuations. REO’s cleanrooms are audited and certified annually by an external party to ensure full compliance to ISO cleanroom standards. 

We have 80,000 ft2 of manufacturing space, 30,000 ft2 of dedicated controlled cleanrooms. Within this controlled space, we coat, assembly, inspect, test, evaluate and measure our products free of foreign object debris.  All REO personnel involved in cleanroom processes are certified and trained on a regular basis. The REO cleanroom facilities were planned and implemented using strict protocols and methods.  Our ISO 14644-1 cleanroom certification demands constant monitoring and control of air flow rates and direction, as well as air pressurization, temperature, and humidity levels. 

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