Coating Facilities

Coating Facilities

Coating Facilities (ISO Class 7) - Our 35 coating chambers which apply thin film coatings with Ion Beam Sputtering, Ion Assisted Deposition and Thermal Evaporation are located within a controlled cleanroom environment. In order to minimize particulates and contaminates, the entire coating production process is contained in an ISO 14644-1 certified Class 7 cleanroom area. Consistent monitoring of particulates and environmental changes allows for manufacturing of the state of the art coatings and optics. Due to these careful practices, our optics boast some of the lowest levels of absorption and highest laser damage thresholds.

REO also has a dedicated 193nm coating area. This special coating area contains additional monitoring of particulates in order to ensure the highest quality optics for UV applications. This state of the art coating area guarantees optimal performance and eliminates contamination for sensitive UV applications.

Ion Beam Sputtering

  • Highest performance coatings for UV – MWIR
  • Ultra low loss (<1ppm at 1064 nm)
  • High spectral precision (+/- 1 nm)
  • Environmental stability
  • High density, low variation

Evaporative and Ion Assist Deposition

  • Wide λ range (DUV – LWIR)
  • Large optics (up to 16”)
  • High capacity
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