Adhesive Bonding

Adhesive Bonding

REO utilizes a range of adhesive technologies for bonding optical components and optomechanics. UV curing adhesives often provide the most straightforward solution with a nearly instantaneous tack-and-cure process that is desirable for active alignment. However, REO possesses deep expertise in many other adhesive types, including thermal curing, multiple-component chemical curing, and silicone based RTV’s, each of which provide advantages for specific applications. REO takes care to understand potential issues with outgassing, material compatibility, surface preparation, wavefront distortion, and other factors that can affect the long-term performance of adhesive-bonded assemblies.

REO also utilizes automated dispensing of adhesives to ensure highly accurate and repeatable adhesive volumes. These systems can dispense a variety of adhesive types and can be configured to process high volumes of optomechanical assemblies in an extremely efficient and cost-effective manner.

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