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Working with REO solves many of the problems often encountered in obtaining high precision optics.  In particular, sourcing substrates, coatings and assemblies from multiple vendors often results in “finger pointing” when the final product fails to perform to specification.  REO brings design, engineering, optical fabrication, thin film coating, assembly, and metrology all under one roof.  We offer a single point of contact for program management, with a guarantee of consistent, high quality product, and no headaches.

REO is able to accomplish all this because of our unique combination of manufacturing and optical assembly capabilities and highly trained personnel.  We produce all precision optics at our own facility in Boulder, CO, which houses polishing, assembly, testing and 35 coating chambers in 80,000 ft2 of manufacturing floor space.  In this well-equipped plant, our highly trained manufacturing and engineering staff, including 25 engineers and more than 20 master opticians, maintains intimate, direct control over every aspect of the design and production process to ensure consistency, and to rapidly identify and solve problems when they do occur.  If you want consistent, precision products rather than excuses and mistakes…


Helping you to keep your competitive edge requires us to maintain ours.  REO’s ongoing R&D efforts to develop the next generation of process technologies for design, fabrication, coating, assembly and testing enable us to deliver precision optical solutions which are state-of-the-art in terms of performance, reliability and cost.  To partner with a truly innovative vendor…


The REO engineering staff includes over 25 individuals, eight of which hold Ph.D.’s in disciplines including optical coating, materials science, laser physics, and mechanical, electrical and optical engineering.  This group employs their expertise and the latest computer aided design and analysis software to consistently solve customer problems in creative and innovative ways.  For optics that provide both exceptional performance and highly competitive prices…


REO utilizes a wide range of fabrication technologies to deliver the optimum combination of performance and cost for systems from the ultraviolet into the infrared.  This includes conventional plano, spherical and cylindrical polishing of glass and crystalline materials, plus single point diamond turning of infrared materials. 

We particularly specialize in the production of ultra-low scatter, superpolished optical surfaces.  Advanced interfometric techniques are used throughout our manufacturing processes to deliver components with sub-angstrom microroughness, as well as tight tolerances for surface figure, angles and part dimensions.  The resulting defect-free surfaces largely eliminate substrate-related scatter and failure sites to yield the ultimate in high reflectance and laser damage resistance. 

REO also has unique capabilities for producing odd shaped substrates, including holes, grooves and cutouts, in glass and crystalline parts.  These extend the designer’s toolbox, enabling more unique, creative and cost effective solutions.  If you need a partner to fabricate difficult optics to an unmatched standard…


From the deep UV to the long wave IR, REO possesses the optics industry’s most comprehensive capabilities in thin film coating.  These are unmatched in terms of the volume of product that we can produce, as well as the breadth of technologies that we apply to both deposition and testing.  Many coatings shops only utilize one deposition technique, no matter what the needs are of the application.  Our Boulder, CO, facility has over 30,000 ft2 of ISO Class 7 cleanroom space, containing 35 coating chambers, which encompass ion beam sputtering (IBS), ion assisted deposition (IAD) and traditional electron beam (E-beam) evaporative methods.  This enables us to deliver the highest performance and most cost effective solution for a very broad range of coating needs.  For a partner with the experience and capabilities to consistently hit your price and performance targets…


REO specializes in the production of ultraprecision optical assemblies, and has developed an impressive suite of technologies to deliver assembled products with superior performance, reliability and cost characteristics.  For example, we’ve created a unique assembly method that combines an air bearing spindle, laser based runout measurement, motorized component positioning and automatic adhesive dispensing.  This approach yields outstanding centration in the final, multi-element assembly, while simultaneously eliminating the need to hold tight and costly mechanical tolerances at the component level.  The result is high performance and long term component stability, with a significant reduction in overall system cost.  REO has also pioneered the development of adhesive-free bonding techniques for the production of monolithic assemblies, such as cube beamsplitters, which results in exceptional mechanical strength and ruggedness, as well as reduced scatter and improved laser damage characteristics.  If you require assemblies that will enhance your product’s performance without increasing its cost…


At REO, we understand that our capacity to produce high precision optics is ultimately limited by our ability to accurately measure and verify physical and optical performance parameters.  For this reason, we maintain a wide array of metrology equipment in-house enabling us to determine optical loss at the ppm-level, to perform spectral characterization from the ultraviolet through the infrared, to make a variety of surface and dimensional measurements, to evaluate surface microstructure and even to measure laser damage resistance.  The latter is particularly important because, while outside damage testing services deliver excellent results, they add extra time and cost to the production process.  To get verified performance without undue cost and delay…


From the first phone call you make to us, until your order is delivered and beyond, every interaction with REO is characterized by responsiveness, competence, professionalism, and accountability.  We want to do more than supply you with product.  REO wants to be your partner for the long term, and to achieve that end we’ll be there every step of the way.  From technical input on your design, through logistical support for your production program, to responsive after sales support, we’re dedicated to getting you the answers and solutions you need when you need them.  If you want a partner rather than just a vendor…

Total Quality

REO is dedicated to a program of total quality control, and is ISO 9001:2008 certified.  This means that we monitor the effectiveness of all critical processes throughout our business and maintain strict document control to verify compliance with established procedures.  Furthermore, we engage in a program of continual improvement in our manufacturing operation, as well as our overall business itself.  The result is accountability and the ability to consistently meet standards for quality and performance.  For cutting edge products with unmatched quality and consistency…


Our core production starts with optical polishing, includes super polishing, IBS coatings, broad focused metrology, including in house LDT and concludes with our active active assembly production. REO cutting edge technology enables the optimum manufacture of our products.

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Our team's experience and expertise spans optical fabrication, coating, testings, assembly, engineering, supply chain and project management.

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Our factory has been built and organized for optics, thin film coatings and assembly fabrication. Clean rooms, state of the art metrology and our laminar flow production areas for contamination controls are just the foundation of what we do to ensure excellence.

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