At REO we put Customer First!

At REO, we strongly believe in putting our customer's first in everything we do. From the initial contact with a potential customer, to customers who have been with REO for decades, the REO team works tirelessly to ensure that your needs are fully served. We know that our customers are the reason that we exist and our dedication guarantees our customers get what they want, when they want it.

Click the video to watch employees from across the company share their view of our customers and how they take steps daily to put Customer First!

Coatings that Cover the Spectrum

Over 25 years ago, REO became the first company to commercially provide Ion Beam Sputtered (IBS) thin film coatings. Today, we have expanded our technology to include over 35 coating chambers producing the highest quality thin films across the full optical spectrum from the deep UV (190nm) through the long wave IR (14um). Click to watch what REO coatings can do for you.

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Custom Linear Variable Filters

Our custom linear variable filters offer a compact, cost effective solution for a variety of sensing applications. These spatially variable filter coatings, in which the center wavelength of operation changes with position in a linear manner over the surface of the optic can be applied to substrates as small as 1mm. REO has developed a unique, proprietary, volume scalable technology which enables us to manufacture filters in the visible, near infrared, and mid-infrared spectral ranges.

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Assembly Capabilities

Need to simplify your supply chain? Since it’s formation in 1980, REO has been integrating mechanical, electronic, and optical components to deliver complete optical assemblies. Supported by our expertise in optical fabrication and thin film coatings, our precision assemblies deliver superior optical and mechanical performance. Click the video to learn how REO can deliver a simplified precision solution to you.

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Laser Optics Manufacturing

REO was built on manufacturing optics specifically designed to enhance internal laser cavity performance. Today, our laser optics remain some of the best optics available with the lowest possible losses and the highest laser damage resistance. Watch the video to learn how our laser optics are improving system performance and supporting some of the most demanding laser systems in the world

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LVF Scan Video

Click to watch how a linear variable filter changes wavelength of the transmitted light as you move across the surface of the filter.