For Compactness and Ruggedness, Linear Variable Filters Fit the Bill (Photonics Spectra, Sept. 2016)

REO discusses the latest innovations in design and scalable manufacturing of linear variable filters which has enabled filters that cover a broader wavelength ranges and can be applied as small as 1 mm x 3 mm sizes. We can even produce these very small filters in repeated arrays of LVF's on wafer sized substrates. Authors: Trey Turner, Eric Baltz and Roger Kirschner

High Performance Optics for Diode Pumped, Solid State (DPSS) Lasers

Understanding key parameters and tradeoffs in DPSS laser resonator optics can help optimize system performance and reduce costs


Low scatter, superpolished surfaces deliver higher efficiency and minimize laser damage

Minimizing Optical Component Surface Defects

Scatter by defects can impair DPSS laser beam quality and lead to laser damage

Producing Low Absorption Coatings

Coating absorption can affect the performance of even low power lasers

Ensuring Coating Environmental Stability

Fluctuations in ambient humidity and temperature can shift coating response

Pumpthrough Optics – Key to DPSS Resonator Efficiency

IBS coating deposition technology delivers improved performance and greater efficiency

Understanding Thin Film Process Technologies

Learn about the different coating process technologies and where each is best employed.

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