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REO featured in Company Week Magazine

CEO Paul Kelly is spearheading an international expansion, manufacturing best-in-class optics for lasers over the entire globe. The challenges, opportunities and requirements for our rapidly expanding company are discussed by CEO Paul Kelly. "Our objective is to provide best-in-class optics for laser used in the industrial, medical, research, aerospace and defense market". For further information view the video below:

REO Optics Capabilities and Assemblies

In addition to our expertise in precision optics and thin film coatings, REO designs and manufactures custom integrated optical assemblies incorporating mechanical, electronic, and optoelectronic components.  We utilize precision alignment and metrology techniques to create assemblies that exceed your most demanding requirements.  So whether you need simple mounted optics, custom lens cells or complete instrumentation benches, REO can deliver a total solution built to your print or designed to your concept.  If your application demands high quality, superior performance, exceptional reliability, unmatched value, and a simplified supply chain…

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