Military laser technologies challenge optical-coating manufacturers (Laser Focus World, Nov., 2011)

In this Laser Focus World article, Trey Turner explains how coating manufacturers meet the extreme requirements of optics for military applications.

Aspheric Optics: Ask for What You Want (Photonics Spectra, Nov., 2011)

In this Photonics Spectra article, Trey Turner and Mark Damery review how to specify diamond turned aspherics to maximize performance and minimize cost.

Improve Performance with Sputtering (Electro-Optics, May, 2011)

Mark Damery provides an overview of the technology behind ion beam sputtered (IBS) coatings and their main performance advantages.

High Laser-Induced-Damage Threshold Optics (Photonics Spectra, March, 2011)

Trey Turner explains the primary causes of laser damage from q-switched and CW lasers operating in the visible, near-ultraviolet and near-infrared, and explores the fabrication and coating methodologies that help avoid damage.

Developing a more useful surface quality metric for laser optics (Photonics West, Jan., 2011)

This paper reviews the limitations of traditional surface quality inspection techniques, and explores the use of a quantitative inspection method based on a microscope, calibrated lighting, a CCD detector and image processing software.

Focusing on Ultraviolet (Electro-Optics, June/July, 2010)

Trey Turner reviews the special requirements of optics for UV micromachining applications, and the technology that REO employs to satisfy them.

Bucking the Trend: Offering Greater Value Fuels Growth (Photonics Spectra, May, 2010)

Terry Moshier, REO Chairman, CEO and President, explains how REO has prospered during difficult economic times by expanding its manufacturing capabilities and delivering greater value.

Thin-Film Coatings (Photonics Handbook)

Learn how coatings operate and which specifications are most likely to drive cost in this informative background article by Trey Turner. Requires free registration on the website in order to view.

Solid Defense (Electro-Optics, February/March, 2010)

REO explains how novel lens assembly technology is lowering the cost of high performance, multispectral target designators and rangefinders for the military.

Understanding Thin Film Process Technologies

Learn about the different coating process technologies and where each is best employed.

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