Minimizing Optical Component Surface Defects

Scatter by defects can impair DPSS laser beam quality and lead to laser damage

Producing Low Absorption Coatings

Coating absorption can affect the performance of even low power lasers

Ensuring Coating Environmental Stability

Fluctuations in ambient humidity and temperature can shift coating response

Pumpthrough Optics – Key to DPSS Resonator Efficiency

IBS coating deposition technology delivers improved performance and greater efficiency

Putting a different spin on chemistry (Electro-Optics, Aug., 2013)

Trey Turner explains the value of high efficiency polarizers in the mid-wave infrared for applications in spectroscopy.

Novel Bonding Technology Improves Optical Assemblies (EuroPhotonics March, 2013)

Trey Turner and Patrick Casnedi explain how activated covalent bonding (ACB™) overcomes the optical performance and laser damage limitations of traditional adhesive techniques and also can be used with mid-IR components.

A statistical study of the relationship between surface quality and laser induced damage (SPIE)

This paper explores why traditional laser damage testing routinely fails to accurately characterize and predict component damage threshold. Its goal is to advance the state of knowledge regarding laser damage in a direction that might ultimately lead to a test that is truly predictive of the actual probability of damage at any fluence.

Superpolished Optics Enable High-Sensitivity Laser Applications (Photonics Spectra, Nov. 2012)

Trey Turner provides a review of superpolished surfaces, including fabrication and measurement, and discusses some of the leading applications that depend on these optics.

Understanding Optical Coatings For Military Applications (PhotonicsOnline, September, 2012)

Trey Turner reviews the commonly encountered tradeoffs in thin film design for military coatings in order to help buyers establish a realistic set of specifications that deliver the necessary performance in the most cost-effective manner.

Automated Inspection of Optics using ISO Specifications (Optics & Photonics News, July/August, 2012)

Quentin Turchette and Trey Turner explain how to quickly and accurately identify surface defects using an automated microscope-based system that follows the ISO 10110-7 specification.

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