High Energy Laser Mirrors

High Energy Laser Mirrors

REO's proprietary superpolishing fabrication and precision IBS coatings provide very low surface scatter, resulting in very highly reflective and enviromentally stable high energy laser mirrors. Reflectivity levels can be above 99.999% and scatter and absorption below 1 ppm at certain wavelengths. These high engery laser mirrors are available with plano or curved surfaces and can be customized for either CW or pulsed laser sytems. 

High LDT Mirrors Datasheet

Standard Products

HR Mirror Coatings
CWL Specification Range Coating Bandwidth 0° or 45° AOI (s & p) Typical LDT
260 nm - 320 nm CWL +/- 3% R >= 99% > 3 J/cm2 at 20ns
320 nm - 400 nm CWL +/- 3% R >= 99.5% > 10 J/cm2 at 20ns
400 nm - 900 nm CWL +/- 3% R >= 99.9% > 30 J/cm2 at 20ns
900 nm - 1600 nm CWL +/- 3% R >= 99.99% > 40 J/cm2 at 20ns

Any of the custom coatings outlined above can be applied to an assortment of our standard superpolished substrates - click the link to see available substrates.

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