Graded Reflectivity Mirrors

Graded Reflectivity Mirrors

REO produces graded reflectivity mirrors that enable precise spatial shaping of both the intensity and phase characteristics of laser beams. Our unique scalable technology accomplishes this due to the reflectivity and/or phase effects of the coating vary radially across the surface of the optic. REO can produce these mirrors with virtually any arbitrary variation, including non-rotationally symmetric patterns, as well as with complex designs in which the reflectivity increases and decreases repeatedly across the component. These mirrors include:

  • Graded Reflectivity Mirrors or GRM
  • Gaussian Mirrors
  • Variable Reflecting Mirrors or VRM
  • Super-Gaussian Mirrors 
  • Bessel Mirrors
  • Parabel Mirrors

Graded Reflective Mirror Datasheet


Our core production starts with optical polishing, includes super polishing, IBS coatings, broad focused metrology, including in house LDT and concludes with our active active assembly production. REO cutting edge technology enables the optimum manufacture of our products.

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