Infrared Beamsplitters

Infrared Beamsplitters

REO fabricates a wide array of beamsplitters in plate and cube configurations.  We utilize our own adhesive-free Activated Covalent Bonding (ACB) technology to produce highly robust assemblies which demonstrate superior wavefront performance and high laser damage resistance. With consistent performance over a broad wavelength range, REO’s beamsplitters provide a unique solution for your most demanding infrared applications.

Standard Products

Broadband Silicon PBS Cubes
Side Dimension Wavelength Extinction Ratio Transmission Efficiency AR Coating Drawing
10 mm 3.0 - 5.0 um > 100:1 Ts > 92% < 1% at 0° PDF
4.5 - 4.6 um > 1,000:1 Ts > 98% < 0.25% at 0°
Download Typical Performance Plot of Si Cubes

                                                 All cubes are contacted with our proprietary adhesive-free Activated Covalent Bonding process.

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