REO offers both standard and custom thin film polarization coatings. These coatings are manufactured with our precision IBS coating process to provide the highest extinction ratios and laser damge thresholds available. Our polarization splitting coatings can be applied to standard sized substrates for a quick solution or to a custom substrate of your design.

Standard Products

Polarization Coatings
CWL Specification Range Coating Bandwidth Reflection at 55° Transmission at 55° Typcial LDT
260 nm - 320 nm CWL +/-1% Rs > 99.5% Tp > 90% > 3 J/cm2 at 20ns
320 nm - 400 nm CWL +/-1% Rs > 99.8% Tp > 95% > 10 J/cm2 at 20ns
400 nm - 900 nm CWL +/-1% Rs > 99.8% Tp > 98% > 30 J/cm2 at 20ns
900 nm - 1600 nm CWL +/-1% Rs > 99.8% Tp > 98% > 40 J/cm2 at 20ns

Any of the custom coatings outlined above can be applied to an assortment of our standard superpolished substrates - click the link to see available substrates.

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Our core production starts with optical polishing, includes super polishing, IBS coatings, broad focused metrology, including in house LDT and concludes with our active active assembly production. REO cutting edge technology enables the optimum manufacture of our products.

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