REO fabricates high precision windows utilizing a variety of substrate materials and thin film coating techniques to satisfy demanding requirements for precise control of reflectivity and optical surfaces with minimal losses. We specialize in servicing challenging applications such as laser cavities, aerospace, military, illumination, and instrumentation that require extremely tight control of transmitted wavefront, high parallelism, low scatter, high laser damage resistance and exceptional environmental durability.

Standard Products

Antireflection Coatings
CWL Specification Range Coating Bandwidth 0° AOI Typical LDT
260 nm - 320 nm CWL +/-3% R <= 0.1% > 2 J/cm2 at 20ns
320 nm - 400 nm CWL +/-3% R <= 0.1% > 5 J/cm2 at 20ns
400 nm - 900 nm CWL +/-3% R <= 0.1% > 15 J/cm2 at 20ns
900 nm - 1600 nm CWL +/-3% R <= 0.1% > 20 J/cm2 at 20ns

Custom IBS antireflection window coatings can be applied at any variety of our standard superpolished substrates for a quick, custom solution.

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Our factory has been built and organized for optics, thin film coatings and assembly fabrication. Clean rooms, state of the art metrology and our laminar flow production areas for contamination controls are just the foundation of what we do to ensure excellence.

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