Stabilized  Helium-Neon Lasers

Stabilized Helium-Neon Lasers

For over 20 years, REO optimized optics and unique laser designs enable the highest quality, most reliable and broadest line of Helium Neon laser available.  These include 633 nm Red (standard and high power models), 543 nm Green, 594 nm Yellow, 612 nm Orange, 1.15, 1.52 micron or 3.39 micron Infrared or our Multi-Line and Frequency/Intensity Stabilized lasers.

Our Frequency/Intensity Stabilized Laser at 632.8 nm applies superior thermal compensation resulting in an outstanding balance of high output power and stability with low temperature sensitivity and reliability.  The stabilized laser is easily switched between the intensity and frequency stabilized operation. In the intensity stabilized mode, the laser can operate as an output power reference, with long-term intensity stability of < ±0.2% (1 hour).  In the frequency stabilized mode, long term frequency stability is specified as </= 2 MHz over an 8 hour period.

  • Laser can be operated in either stable-frequency or stable-intensity operation mode.
  • TEM00 mode structure
  • Long term frequency drift 3 MHz maximum when operated in stable-frequency mode.
  • Intensity stability better than 0.2% absolute when operated in stable-intensity mode.
  • Superior output power (>1.2 & >1.5 mW versions) from single line, 800:1 linearly polarized output
  • Greater than 100 m coherence length
  • CE compliant
  • OEM version available

When you need HeNe lasers renowned for their reliability, excellent lifetimes and resistance to retro-reflection…..


Our core production starts with optical polishing, includes super polishing, IBS coatings, broad focused metrology, including in house LDT and concludes with our active active assembly production. REO cutting edge technology enables the optimum manufacture of our products.

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Our factory has been built and organized for optics, thin film coatings and assembly fabrication. Clean rooms, state of the art metrology and our laminar flow production areas for contamination controls are just the foundation of what we do to ensure excellence.

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