Infrared Helium-Neon Lasers

Infrared Helium-Neon Lasers

For over 20 years, REO optimized optics and unique laser designs enable the highest quality, most reliable and broadest line of Helium Neon laser available.  These include 633 nm Red (standard and high power models), 543 nm Green, 594 nm Yellow, 612 nm Orange, 1.15, 1.52 micron or 3.39 micron Infrared or our Multi-Line and Frequency/Intensity Stabilized lasers.

The REO Infrared (IR) HeNe lasers line are available in TEM00 output mode with 500:1 linear polarization at:

  • 1.15 micron
  • 1.52 micron
  • 3.39 micron
  • Dual line 633 nm/1.52 micron
  • Dual line 1.15/3.39 micron
  • CE compliant

When you need HeNe lasers renowned for their reliability, excellent lifetimes and resistance to retro-reflection…..

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