Laser Crystal Coatings

Laser Crystal Coatings

REO provides superior thin film coating services on various gain and nonlinear crystal materials used in a range of laser applications including harmonic oscillators, sum or difference frequency generators, Q-switches, laser gain, and optical parametric amplifiers and oscillators. Utilizing proprietary Ion Beam Sputtering processes, REO manufactures high density thin films for ultra-low loss and superior environmental stability. These coatings demonstrate a unique combination of long lifetime, high laser damage resistance, excellent spectral performance and superior mechanical stability. Sophisticated tooling techniques precisely control the clear aperture and minimize coating overspray. Our proprietary cleaning techniques, precoating treatment processes, and handling protocols maximize yields for customer furnished materials.

Key coating Attributes
Available Wavelengths 266 nm – 6 microns
Temperature Range -196 º C to 400 º C
Scattering + Absorption <10 ppm (532nm – 1800nm)
Humidity Range 0 – 100 %
Aperture size 1 mm to 25.4 mm (CA: 90%)
Laser Damage Threshold 

> 50 J/cm2 pulsed or 5

MW/cm2 CW, 1064nm

Example of Crystal Types
Ti:Sapphire BBO


Laser Glass










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