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Infrared Spherical Lenses for Demanding Military Applications


Spherical lenses with high performance and exceptional stability for military applications including FLIR imagers, laser targeting systems and IR countermeasures.

REO, a leading manufacturer of high volume precision optical solutions, has introduced a new range of spherical lenses specifically designed to meet the needs of demanding applications throughout the infrared.  These include high performance FLIR imagers that also incorporate laser lines, as well as other IR laser-based systems, such as used in laser targeting and IR countermeasure applications.  REO fabricates these lenses from a variety of substrate materials, including CaF2, ZnS, ZnSe, Ge, Si, GaAs, thus enabling operation over the 3 µm to 14 µm spectral range.  Component diameters are available from 0.25” to 10”, and typical surface flatness for these optics is λ/10 (at 633 nm). 

Infrared optics of this type are often used in military systems in which environmental stability and coating durability are critical, and/or where multi-spectral operation is required.  REO employs advanced plasma source (APS) coating technology in order to deliver highly densified thin films which exhibit superior resistance to environmentally-induced damage or performance degradation.  Plus, APS technology also enables precise control over coating layer stress, which allows good control over part distortion on high aspect ratio parts.  This enhances the stability of the physically thick films often required for multi-wavelength operation in the IR. 

REO can also readily customize these lenses with a variety of features to facilitate assembly and mounting, especially in space constrained systems.  These features include holes, slots and polished mounting surfaces (for o-ring contacting).  REO also provides abrasive jet machining (AJM) services to roughen selected areas of lens edges so as to provide a more compliant surface for adhesive bonding. 

REO produces high precision thin film coatings, optics and opto-mechanical assemblies for the ultraviolet, visible and infrared. Located in Boulder, CO, the company primarily services medium to high volume OEMs including manufacturers of defense and aerospace systems, laser systems, semiconductor tools, medical systems, life sciences instrumentation and telecom equipment.  REO is a privately held company.  For more information, contact Mark Damery, Vice President and General Manager of Worldwide Sales, at +1-720-562-3213, e-mail MarkD@reoinc.com, www.reoinc.com, or Susan Anway, Vice President of Finance and Chief Financial Officer at +1-720-562-3206, e-mail SueA@reoinc.com.

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