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High Performance, Non-Polarizing Beamsplitters for Telecommunications


Polarization insensitive cube beamsplitters with exceptional path length matching for DWDM interleavers and dispersion compensators

A new series of cube beamsplitters from REO, a leading manufacturer of high volume precision optical solutions, are specifically intended for demanding DWDM applications in telecommunications.  Optimized for use in Gires-Tournois interferometer based interleavers and dispersion compensators, REO non-polarizing beamsplitters deliver broadband, polarization insensitive operation and exceptional path length matching for the reflected and transmitted beams.  This consistently delivers the transmission and channel isolation characteristics required by demanding long-haul and metro network applications.

Traditional non-polarizing beamsplitters are limited by either a narrow operating band or high internal absorption, however, REO avoids these drawbacks by employing all dielectric, ion beam sputtered (IBS) coatings, together with a high index of refraction contrast material set.  The result are telecom C-band (1525 – 1570 nm) and L-band (1565 – 1620 nm) beamsplitters that deliver a transmission and reflection ratio of 50% ± 1.5% over their entire operating range, with the s and p polarization components matched to within 2%.  Furthermore, a series of high precision, proprietary fabrication techniques, together with our unique Activated Covalent Bonding (ACB™), adhesive-free bonding process, enable REO to consistently produce cubes with an optical path difference between the two output beams of under 3 µm, together with sub arcminute beam deviation accuracy and low wavefront distortion (surface flatness λ/20 @ 633 nm).  These beamsplitters are available in the 3 mm to 12.5 mm size range, and are fabricated from fused silica substrates. 

REO produces high precision thin film coatings, optics and opto-mechanical assemblies for the ultraviolet, visible and infrared. Located in Boulder, CO, the company primarily services medium to high volume OEMs including manufacturers of defense and aerospace systems, laser systems, semiconductor tools, medical systems, life sciences instrumentation and telecom equipment.  REO is a privately held company.  For more information, contact Mark Damery, Vice President and General Manager of Worldwide Sales, at +1-720-562-3213, e-mail MarkD@reoinc.com, www.reoinc.com, or Susan Anway, Vice President of Finance and Chief Financial Officer at +1-720-562-3206, e-mail SueA@reoinc.com.

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