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CPIA Quarterly Meeting to be held at REO


The Colorado Photonics Industry Association will hold it's quarterly meeting at the REO facility on Thursday August 27th from 3:00 to 6:00pm. REO CEO and President, Paul Kelly, along with REO Director of Human Resources, Kim Hagel will introduce the Front Range Optics Apprenticeship Program. The local optics community is invited to join in on the discussion of this program that aims to develop skilled labor for the growing optics industry.
CPIA Quarterly Meeting to be held at REO

REO has started down a path to define an optics apprenticeship program to ensure that we will have the skilled labor that we will need to meet growing business demands.  These skills are not typically taught in any formal educational environment. 

During this session REO will introduce the program concept to the local optics community and request feedback. Participation of the local optics community will help to make this initiative more viable. The program will consist of a blend of on the job training as well as job related classroom instruction at a community college.  

Throughout the three year program, apprentices will be exposed to optics fabrication, coating, machining, assembly, and metrology to help them determine the optics career path that is the best fit for them.

The program would be submitted to The Department of Labor for certification and outreach would need to be developed for the local educational community to increase awareness.  REO will present the current status and look for broader input and participation in order to finalize the initiative.

Contact REO to have us start thinking about you. 303.938.1960