REO and Precision Photonics Corp. Settle Lawsuit


PPC has agreed to withdraw certain patent applications.

High Performance Risley Prism Pairs for Laser Beam Steering


These Risley (wedge) prism pairs can be matched to a precision of under 0.5 arcsec to enable high accuracy laser beam steering.

Laser Crystal Coatings Deliver Exceptional Stability and Lifetime


High performance thin film coatings for a wide range of intracavity nonlinear and gain crystal materials

High Damage Threshold Pentaprisms for Laser Applications


A new range of pentaprisms which offer a unique combination of high laser damage threshold, exceptional environmental stability, excellent mechanical durability and superior optical performance.

Precision Prism Assemblies


High precision prism assemblies enable compact beam multiplexing in aerospace, defense, bioinstrumentation, analytical instruments and telecommunications.

World’s Highest Quality, Commercial, Superpolished Mirrors


The lowest loss mirrors currently commercially available for demanding laser-based applications.

New Graded Reflectivity Laser Mirrors Enable Beam Profile Shaping


Graded reflectivity mirrors enable precise spatial shaping of both the intensity and phase characteristics of laser beams.

Infrared Spherical Lenses for Demanding Military Applications


Spherical lenses with high performance and exceptional stability for military applications including FLIR imagers, laser targeting systems and IR countermeasures.

High Performance, Non-Polarizing Beamsplitters for Telecommunications


Polarization insensitive cube beamsplitters with exceptional path length matching for DWDM interleavers and dispersion compensators

High Performance Multi-line Optics for Military Laser Applications


High performance, multi-wavelength optics for military target designation and rangefinding applications

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