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Laser designers, manufacturers and integrators continue their push for products that offer improved performance, greater reliability and lower cost.  This is being achieved, in part, through the use of optical surfaces with lower loss and thin films with higher performance and ultra-low absorption.  REO coatings apply ultra-pure materials, fully densified films, automated process control with OH management.  Our metrology includes photothermal CPI, sensitivity < 0.2ppm and laser measurements directly at 1064nm, 940nm, 532nm, 355nm.  

REO's high energy laser components benefit from our process optimization leveraging non-destructive metrology innovations with large scale automatic defect measurement to optimize laser damage testing.  Testing focuses on both defects and defect-free sites. This work develops laser damage probability as a function of fluence and defect size.  High-confidence is obtained for damage likelihood in non-tested parts or regions.

REO is a partner that truly understands laser technology because we build lasers ourselves.  We have a long history of successfully tackling tough challenges in resonator optics, such as components with high damage threshold and extended plasma durability, as well as producing advanced designs for tasks such as line selection, parasitic suppression and gradient reflectivity mirrors (GRM).  That’s why REO has been a key supplier to the world’s leading laser manufacturers and integrators for more than two decades.  If you’re building lasers in the ultraviolet, visible or infrared, and want a partner who can supply superior cavity optics, use REO laser optics.

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